said,” She wanted half of Chinese people, this is not even know, let her go back and try to mention, she was also the result of stare.”He snorted,” Missy temper.”

  ?Never easy with the fall of the original angry, just cold face to play the game: “I bought a box to give new.”
  ”no problem.”Autumn original earnestly Road.
  ”You know, that Weian like you are mestizo, half German descent.”He murmured,” No wonder so long maturity.”
  ”What grade?”Y a cigarette into his mouth.
  The lighter is still the old wheel, to turn too fast and hard to spot the fire, burning his preference for lighter oils, electronic lighter feel just as mosquito coils, not a little meaning.
  ”Freshman, I heard very powerful, gains last year’s Innovation and Technology佛山桑拿网 Award.”
  ?Did not talk again.Autumn originally wanted, he will always go to the game company, to research farther away, these things will not be anxious, not to mention the little sister of two-time.
  ”Ah, yes.”Autumn original scratched his head,” I.I just said you sent a moon cake.”
  ?He looked up looked at him coldly.
  Autumn Yuan said: “I do not want to give your boss a good impression?”
  ?She glanced at him: “Are Chinese people, have met a good impression.You might not see.”
  Autumn original face crimson with: “You’re one of these years the old almanac.”
  Heavy door suddenly sounded, there came a noise downstairs, autumn original stood by the window, a bit loose tie, looking back: “to a lot of police.”
  Red and blue lights of a police car in the air, rail and ground rail shuttle, is still stragglers police, old and深圳桑拿网 young, in other belt batons, surrounded by two arms were handcuffed behind young people with black headgear, stagger while walking toward the police car.Autumn original frowned, pumping her cigarette: “What trouble tricks.”
  ?Walked over and opened the door, two teachers came in a hurry: “62236y, 42587 autumn original right?”
  Autumn butts scared off instantaneously in the original petri dish, whirled around to block th