ain elders, and like how the book and his ilk, but also good at management, will follow his pace, to b北京夜网e a steward or head of the elders.

  He book suddenly received the message, he raised an eyebrow: “Master, little brother in the mission church took out the task, this time you are still accompanied by several of our own arrangements?”This is not really special treatment, each going out the door to do the task, will be based on the di苏州夜网stance of difficulty, send elders or martial disciples to follow, but really Ming Pei mission, has always been a few of them privately allocated.
  ”What task?”Pei casually asked Naochun.
  ”Task is not difficult.”He book to confirm the receipt of the message,” This year the Year went to the door were more experienced, and really take the task out, piece of southwest China.”
  Pei Naochun surprised a moment, what suddenly remembered: “nebula City, is not that?”
  ”Yes, nebula located southwest of the mainland border city of.”What strange book, nebula city in the comprehension sector, have no fame, just a border town, suddenly asked how the master?But think about the master informed, and perhaps there may have been, “Southwest mainland, away from the door to closer finder, go past, generally do not receive any good seedling.”C北京体验网omprehension sector have common rules, try to recruit only time staggered so in the face of mortal avoiding the big fight shot.
  ”Then I went to visit it.”Pei chuckle Naochun.
  ”Row.”He naturally did not disagree with the book, the master concerned junior in the sector, with a now want, it is also common.
  Nebula edge of the city, is the endless desert, early in the ancient, there are rumors, this piece of land of sand, has a lush, green one, but then the invasion of demons, in this long, long run, magic gas will be buried in the soil, even after for years, also failed to recover from the foreground again.
  And this rumor contrast, is a demon on the southwest mainland, frequent invasion Unlike other continents, when t