hree no five here, there will be weak demons come, havoc here, but every time the invading demons not to group, the top days will thirty-two together, humans more than a monk, although Xueyibujing, but there are a lot, devoting difficult, always possible to kill their expulsion, this also means that, in this, yellow Chari often with some blood, not human, is the demons left.

  ”You say, here we are able to open the door to the demon wor南宁夜网ld?”Wentian sitting cross-legged on the bed, as if to himself, may be able to see if his eyes the scene, we will find that he is facing, it is a black mist of gas.
  Ugly hoarse voice, sounded in the room, listening to dignitaries will feel shudder: “Yes..”
  ”Death in the desert it?”Wentian doubt, the death of a wide range of desert, Rao was him, from small town who grew up in the nebula do not know borders, not to mention where the vagaries of the weather, and even monks are not completely enter.
  ”No, not in the sand.”
  ”That’s where?”Wentian subconsciously ask.
  That year, his parents, in order to expel demons, died out, to be brought back, so only a damaged storage bags, inside something most are not destroyed, is lost, leaving only a few low-grade Lingshi and seven seven hundred eighty-eight gadgets, Wentian always suspected, the year when the parents died, storage bags should be intact, but the wealth touching the heart, go with those monks Shoubu temptation, storage bags this inexplicable loss , is destroyed, can his age, and can not speak to what, though also the city of Santo nebula monks, but in general the repair, which will be for h深圳桑拿网im a orphans, city against the return of the surviving monks do?
  Something home, he handed over almost on Santo, not much can leave behind, which damaged storage bag is passed out of the way, inside this broken, people do not, think of this Wentian, smile in with some sarcasm, which they may know that this storage bag of a broken ring, inside as much as one can speak of it in a blanket of darknes