s?The blanket of darkness, it seems, to know, really a lot of.

  That blanket of darkness Jie Jie smiled twice, obviously very terrible, but with the temptation of some looming: “Do you want to open this door right?”
  Wentian clenched fist, he desperately wants to get a chance to become strong, even if it is unrealistic, expense, on the one hand he knows that parents are victimized for the demons, may on the other hand, he also hate on every human well-being of all mankind, after their parents left, he encountered around, he is the real Ruzhui to the abyss, to some extent, mankind is more terrible than demons.
  He roll up our sleeves: “You love to say that if say, go back to your yard beads.”
  Black Mist paused, still down opening: “The door, in the sand北京夜生活网.That is to say you humans death desert green junction and the center point, after the death of demons, demons will leave the inner alchemy, inner alchemy through, and the door can sense each other, gathering demons inner alchemy, you can recharge, open the door.”
  ”Well, you can roll back.”Wentian asked to talk, they also betray his heart faint guess, this blanket of darkness, in all likelihood, is to kill the parents of demons, he holds many lessons is not strong enough, he can not afford to become extinct, had to keep this blanket of darkness, the capacity to say, but fortunately this is not the real power of the blanket of darkness, out of time, had to spend a lot of effort.
  His heart secretly recorded the blanket of darkness to say, he always felt, perhaps someday, he will spend this information.
  The blanket of darkness rush rush away, looking around the room Wentian week intend to go outside, and thought parents left boxing, he did not know how their qualifications, lack of Reiki Furthermore human community, not any man pointing, unless miss comprehension community the opportunity to recruit disciples, generally will not advance began杭州桑拿 to practice, I’m afraid that time Heart conflict.
  Where he lived, is Santo