House side room, exclusively for guests visiting the city nebula living conditions may also not too good not too bad, is always over, but Santo and his family lived in the main house, and a child Wentian compared to the house, but also some poor.

  W都市夜网entian prides itself on being a forest-Stars fiance, it should be considered as one of the masters of Santo House, but was available to treat the guests of the ceremony, together with more days of dependence, Mian Bude by a lot of cold, Who Santo weekdays where, not many of his mind, the top days is occasionally think of, to see him move past it?
  Wentian think countenance nebula city of Santo pretending to care about, they feel unbearable, if he really put himself as the nephew, why should parents take away his belongings yet?Weekdays treatment between him and Lin-Stars, also claim to be bad days to do, whenever he was really hard, under the people will freely give you his face?
  After all, he was not strong enough!Wentian still recalls that when he visited his parents Santo, Santo intimate attitude, and even forest-Stars, then do not be holding his hand, though he called it his brother?If the parents did not crash, where as this he?
  Only now, he had to continue hardships, if I could find opportunity, he will not be trampled underfoot, never.
  ”The young master, Santo have requested.”Santo girl a lot, sounded the 广州桑拿door, quite casually they call people.
  Second, also look distorted before Wentian, this second, it becomes gentle voice: “Yes, I’ll go.”Look, nothing but a servant girl, for he has no respectful place, but his future son-lord, do not like more than a little maidservants?
  He complained about the heart of this, if it was heard that little maidservants, I am afraid it will only get a mouthful of saliva, he really thought wrong, these servants, most of them will be quite under the Caidie Man, they see Wentian not even breath, and shall Santo attention, but also how much I despise the point.