The nutritional value of eating a good woman brown sugar

Brown sugar, brown sugar comes, I believe many female friends are very familiar, small female colleagues around the table, a bottle of basic manpower, so the nutritional value of brown sugar, which together with the small series to see the nutritional value of brown sugar introduce it!The nutritional value of brown sugar cane contains many essential, such as lysine, acid, these amino acids are synthetic human proteins, support metabolism, involved in human life activities essential basis of material, absolutely positive effectiveness in promoting health。 It has not been refined brown sugar cane retain more nutrients, but also more easily digested and absorbed by the body, which can quickly add strength, increase vitality, it is also known as the "Oriental", which not only contains carbohydrates provide energy further containing various elements indispensable acid, riboflavin, carotenoids, niacin, and trace elements manganese, zinc, chromium, human growth and development。
Expert by atomic fluorescence spectrometer, was found very rich brown sugar containing trace elements, where trace elements have some strong stimulation of hematopoietic function of the body。
Calcium per 100 grams of brown sugar 90 mg, 4 mg iron, also contain small amounts of carotene and riboflavin。
Japanese researchers also extracted from brown sugar in a technique called "molasses" polysaccharide, experiments prove that it has a strong effect, for obvious role。 The effectiveness of the nutritional value of brown sugar, brown sugar and the role of warm, sweet, Rupi, with Qi and blood, spleen and stomach, in pain relief, promoting blood circulation effect。
The nutritional value of brown sugar 1.Tonic。