2018 enterprise communications market from the "cloud" to "intelligent"

Over the past few years, enterprise communications into the cloud computing era, the Internet communications service rendered two states, namely the PaaS and SaaS, business, including IM, cloud call centers, video conferencing, etc.。 Today, AI era, how to develop business communications?As the largest business communications cloud service providers, content with and what action?In this connection, the communication world-wide media correspondent joint interview with the CEO Yung Sun Changxun。
(Sun Changxun joint cloud communications capacity is currently the founder, CEO, Vice President, he was Ren Gaoyang Saints, chief engineer of research and development, during which dominated the overall design of China Mobile 12590 National voice value-added business platform, and lead the team for the domestic main operators and leading international telecommunications products successfully provide appropriate solutions, in-depth cooperation with Huawei and other Fortune 500 companies operating in foreign markets and landing。
2013 Sun Changxun creation of content, the cloud communications, after years of rapid development, the cloud communications capacity with the performance of the average growth rate of 7 times per year, valued at more than $ 500 million, has now become China's largest enterprise cloud communications service provider。
) 2018, what opportunities and challenges facing enterprise communications?Sun Changxun: 2018, ushered in three main business communications opportunities first, "intelligent" as a symbol of communication 4.0 era has opened the curtain。 Artificial intelligence technology will transform business communications service again, and enter the field。
All things Internet era, AI, big data, the ability to support the connection of things will continue to enhance and continue to enhance the service capabilities of the industry as a whole solution, and then build intelligent business communications services connecting ecology。
Second, the large enterprise customer service center evolved from the call center to upgrade the whole channel contact center, and the whole scene Connection Center。 In the scene is king today, all kinds of businesses need is more integration of call center capabilities, and use these capabilities to achieve a wide range of innovative services。
As the call center service connector, according to different scenarios, through data analysis, resource allocation, and provide personalized service connection wise。 Third, the transformation of large enterprise IT cloud system had become the norm, IM + converged communications services become a major business transformation cloud pioneer, helping large enterprises to establish mobile information portal with collaborative communications for the underlying architecture。
Collaboration, common, enterprise information integration has become the trend of development。 Enterprise mobile communications and information technology is to establish a collaborative communication as the underlying architecture, to receive corporate image, internal and external development, platform integration, to create a deeper level of enterprise mobile information portal。 At the same time, corporate communications also face the following three challenges first, intelligent communication at the initial stage, AI + communication there is a big technical challenges in industrial applications。
At the same time, the current AI are also "big story, small business," pain points, may have a negative impact on the development of intelligent communications。
Second, harassing phone calls are still rampant, balancing the need for effective policy and regulatory norms of the market, "one size fits all" intervention model for the industry, it may cause some turbulence, and even lead to "bad money good money into trouble with expulsion"。 Third, the explicit numbers number of resource-poor call quality。 At present, different code numbers already have the relevant brand, such as 400,170 and so on, but the negative effects of the majority, the majority of companies need to communicate well with customers, but the lack of significant numbers of high-quality resources available。 2018 is considered the first year of business communications intelligence, may I ask how intelligent enterprise communications?Sun Changxun: Communication is based on the use of intelligent AI, cloud, networking, big data technologies and synergies presented, based on the ability to communicate, intelligent connection of all things, enhance corporate sales, operational efficiency and achieve effectiveness and efficiency of information exchange。 On the one hand is superimposed effective artificial intelligence and communications capabilities of cloud services, integration, value-added innovation of cloud communication services, on the other hand is the depth and vertical integration of the industry, and further for the industry, enabling enterprises。
Extensive industry, business and other big data is the prerequisite and basis for communication intelligence。 Intelligent business communications services, over a period of time, intelligent voice outbound will be the largest application, particularly in the insurance, finance and other Internet industry。 In addition, quality control of spatial intelligence huge application, prospects。
Communication Intelligence is a gradual acceleration of the process, to pre-market changes brought about mainly reflected in the customer service outsourcing, crowdsourcing human resources and other industries have an impact, the existing large number of simple customer service will be replaced by smart customer service robot。 Of course, there are deeper customer communications on cloud services, scenarios, data accumulated service providers will usher in a new growth engine, the market value / valuation will also substantially increase。
Yung-linked corporate communications intelligence of what action?Sun Changxun: First, to re-emphasize that intelligence is based on big data。 After years of joint innovation capacity in the cloud services business communications leader, has accumulated considerable application scenarios and data, so that we have the ability to communicate landing AI +。
Intelligent Communications is a high threshold, only based on sufficient data accumulation, industry knowledge, application scenarios, can we talk about real intelligent communication。
Specific action areas: the layout, we Huazhong University of Science and Artificial Intelligence set up a joint laboratory, and also to go out and ask a number of AI and other enterprises to establish a strategic partnership and investment in shares of a number of artificial intelligence company, thereby AI experience of the industry's best technology integration into our products and services,。 On the product we have in the outer layer of PaaS intelligent voice calling, smart SaaS customer service in the field of customer service, there are intelligent robots in IM, there are external predictive call on the call center, intelligent quality control, intelligent robots。 In addition, we have entered the realm of things, to achieve the integration of Things IOT platform PaaS platform communication。 In the commercial, we have on the line of peace intelligent recommendation project, CLP Waterhouse (National Grid) intelligent robotics project, and we and the Avaya cooperation "Little A cloud" has been deeply consumer finance and insurance and other fields, many enterprises to provide predictive outbound, intelligent quality control and other intelligent services。