Abe promised Obama would "effectively promote the" Futenma base relocation

  [World Wide Web reports reporter Wang Huan] Prime Minister Shinzo Abe local time on December 27 with President Barack Obama talks on the relocation of Futenma Air Station to Nago City wild side of the ancient county relocation project commitment, as the Japanese government will earnestly push this forward。 The new US military transport aircraft Osprey crashed into the sea in training-related accidents occurred in the city of Nago, he expressed regret to Obama, and urged the US side to ensure safety and provide information。
Obama made an emergency landing in respect of the response to future incidents said it would work closely with Japan。   28, Japan's Kyodo News reported that the talks, Abe stressed on the Futenma Air Station relocation of the ancient wild side position is the only solution that has not changed。
On the approval of the relocation of coastal areas required for reclamation of view of a recent Supreme Court ruling in Okinawa Prefecture of Japan in litigation with the central government in the losing, the project has been restarted。 Abe also reported the matter to the US。 The Japanese government plans to put into sediment to the sea as soon as possible, make the land reclamation。   Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga held a press conference on the 28th in Tokyo, represented on the relocation of the ancient wild side: I hope to promote the project as early as possible。
Project does not end, it remained dangerous Futenma, the base was fixed the situation is still ongoing。
  United States and Japan in the summit talks, the US military special facilities in the northern part of the largest training ground located in Okinawa returned welcomed。 The two sides agreed to continue efforts to reduce the burden on Okinawa base。
Heads of the two countries also confirmed the conclusion of a supplementary agreement, "the US-Japan status agreement," the。
This is one of the measures in view of the male US military personnel killed in Okinawa and the occurrence of violence against women event, the supplementary agreement will clarify and narrow the target range of US military personnel still blurry。   About the Osprey transport aircraft, the US military crashed into the sea accident occurred at 6 days after the flight resumed, leading to local protests growing louder。