Women's volleyball team together again regret the absence of Zhu Ting Hui Qi Lang retired guide is not granted?

  "Do not sorption, let me see that no flesh!"More than three months have not seen, Lang lead this team a pep talk and say hello。
  In fact, we expect to keep conducting Lang met, the girls will inevitably nervous excitement, live more than four years, they know Lang guide will certainly meet a say in weight, look at them is not a "revolution by consciousness."。   See stairs, Xu Yunli or habitually hand helped guide Lang, Lang did not think the guide said: "Li sister, I'm up and down stairs is no problem, as you are, huh!"In short amused Li sister straight ha ha laughing。
  Hui Qi to Lang guide handed a floss bread, Lang took guide tells us to ask: "I said Hui sister, must you back?I can not grant Ha!""what?Lang guide "Johnson told a Duzui Xiaohui, everyone laughed。   Rio's championship team, differing only in the Turkish campaign of Zhu Ting。
Over time, more and more rare reunion, we all cherish。   "Take this opportunity to record programs, we met again, very happy。 We came from various places, very hard, but we have to come up on stage while women's volleyball team spirit, which is given us a very good collective memorial。
"Lang guide hello Wei Chiu, Xu Yunli, Hui Qi three older players to sit down, the three of them listened very carefully, when that posture is reminiscent of the Rio Olympic Games, what need to communicate, but also depends on the conduction band Lang guide together with three veteran players to communicate and Zhu Ting。   Record also participate in the program will be ready to open, which reflects the Chinese women's volleyball team's rigorous and careful work。   Speaking this file Spring Festival program is scheduled to go to members of the Olympic champion three times in the history of Chinese women's volleyball team, which gives us the opportunity to meet members of the "golden generation" Zhou Suhong, Yang Hao, Zhang Ping, Zhang Yuehong, Li Shan。   See the "golden generation" ready appearance suits, five champions say their fat, can not wear sports clothes, but in fact they are not big changes, especially after makeup, almost do not see that traces of the years。   Wei Chiu and Xu Yunli are the only two with the "golden generation" fought with members of the Rio Olympics, and sisters reunited, so that they remembered the Beijing Olympics four years of that period。
  "Wei autumn and artillery sister photo, said to be two to VII photo, I forcibly incorporated, that I was seventh in the Fujian team。
"Xu Yunli said," At that time we were in the national team, cannon sister, Zhang Xian Wei autumn there are often joke that they are superstars VII。
"1984 Los Angeles Olympic champion, only Lang guide and now living in Australia to determine the time of Jiang Ying。   "I have not seen for thirty years and Jiang Ying, Jiang Ying and I do not know this time will come, so today in the hotel elevator, she saw me straight up to hug me, startled me, she looks too young, I totally did not recognize, until she spoke, before I could react, then so awkward to hold her。
"Speaking meet Jiang Ying and after a lapse of three decades, Lang guide said excitedly," Jiang Ying younger than me, when she was scheduled to coach the national team roommate us, too many memories。
"Party, is to all kinds of pictures, then sent photos to the group, the circle of friends and microblogging。
  Zhu Ting in a foreign country to see more photos miss teammate, Li sister comforted Zhu Ting said: "You can not come back, we tell the story of the women's volleyball team in the field especially when you mentioned, we all still together。 "(I love women's volleyball public number)。