Micro-channel circle of friends suspected shield headlines today, Tencent responded "No induction of sharing behavior."

This afternoon user said that he shared the message from today's headlines to micro-channel circle of friends of friends can not be viewed, either refresh the stream or direct access to each other circle of friends page, you can not see the content shared by users。
In response to this news, Tencent said domain name is used to share content in violation of the "micro-channel public platform operating norms" and "micro-channel external links content management practices," the relevant provisions。 Micro letter expressly prohibited induced behavior, micro letter from February 11 to the offending content restrictions in the spread circle of friends。
Tencent said that if the offending content rectification has been completed, you can initiate a request to restore access, the audit can be restored by。
Fixed Point technology to try to share a link to today's headlines from the micro-channel circle of friends, discover whether or not to set viewing range, any friends can not see this link。 But the situation in the past and "can not be released," the difference is that this time the share of the message will not receive any alert, and able to see their message has been successfully released into the circle of friends。 Allegedly, micro letter also use a similar mechanism in the chat window, people think they publish news message is sent out, but in fact in addition to himself, no one saw。
Micro-channel circle of friends has a lot of Chinese people share their daily life, an important way to stop the annoying chatters or comment for problems。
According to the official micro-channel data, only the New Year's Eve from 0:00 to 24 points the first month of this year, there were already 2.8 billion circle of friends is issued。