Chill hurt, parents should learn to give your baby the spleen (1)

  The weather is getting cold, moisture generally folder "cold" from, so children must keep warm, not cold; do not eat too cold things, should eat spleen and stomach, dehumidification food and appropriate Warming, let wet urine discharged with gas。
  Spleen foods: carp, carrots, apples, yam, millet, lotus seeds, amaranth real, tripe, duck, quail, etc.。
Dewetting food: carp, Kapok, red bean, lily flowers, lettuce, barley, lentils, melon, etc.。Here are a few for children's health soup to all parents。
  1.Ginger boiled meat dough piece (temperature) Formulation: 20 grams of ginger, 50 grams of meat, noodles 300 g, onion, salt, monosodium glutamate, chicken fat, the amount of pepper。
  Efficacy: spleen and stomach。
For spleen and stomach, fatigue, Eat embolism。   Production: (1) ginger washed, sliced; Wash the lamb, cut into 3 cm square sheet; onion cut into small pieces; (2) ginger, lamb, with the release of onion stew pot, add boiling water, simmer 25 min, noodles, cooked over medium heat, salt, monosodium glutamate, pepper, chicken fat Serve。  Eat: 1 times a day, eat dinner, eat 100 grams each。
  Taboo: Yin heat may take a small amount。  Analysis: ginger spicy, hot。
Spleen, stomach, lung。It has the effect of temperature Heweijiangni。
Wenpi lamb stomach, together with the cooking can both enhance the work of warming spleen and help digestion and absorption, to improve low sodium food symptoms of。Regular consumption, the role of the spleen and stomach tonic。
It is appropriate to fill the stomach to eat normal seasonal。  2.Eggs, mutton surface (temperature) Recipe: powder 15 grams, 1 egg, 50 grams of meat, 200 grams of noodles, ginger, onion, salt, monosodium glutamate, the amount of chicken fat。
  Efficacy: nourishing and moistening, you warm the stomach dampness。For spleen and stomach, eat less, fatigue, thin win embolism。
  Production: (1) the eggs into the bowl, stir bulk powder were added; mutton washed, cut into 3 cm square sheet; ginger slices, cut green onions。
  (2) Heat the wok on high heat, add chicken fat, water, add meat, eggs, flour boil, add ginger, onions boiling, then down into noodles, cooked, add salt, MSG Serve。  Eat: 1 times a day, eat dinner, eat noodles every 100 grams of meat, soup。  Taboo: no special taboo Analysis: sweet, flat。
In the lungs, spleen, kidney。Spleen, lungs, Gushen, essence。
Eggs are rich, sweet, flat。With spleen and nourish the efficacy; Qi tonic under lamb, warm temperature; noodles Yang Xin Chufan ergonomics。Sammi adding spices boiled noodles, warm the stomach after eating can enhance dampness, nourishing the spleen and stomach。
Regular consumption of great benefit to the spleen and stomach。
Diet is also a normal human stomach tonic。Four Seasons Yi Shi。
  3.Rice porridge (flat) Formulation: 20 grams, 100 grams of rice, 20 grams of sugar Efficacy: spleen and stomach, essence Gushen。
For spleen and stomach, vomiting and diarrhea summer months, poor urine, thirst, nocturnal emission embolism。  Production: (1) Wash, cut sheet; wash the rice (2), with the side rice pot, add water, set Wuhuoshaofei, then Simmer 35 minutes, add sugar Serve。
  Eat: 1 times a day, eating dinner。  Taboo: Any physical person can eat Analysis: sweet, flat。In the lungs, spleen, kidney, spleen and stomach for the benefit to the drug。Four Seasons tonic for the stomach's normal to share。