Cervical spondylosis self-treatment method for small!Cervical no pain (1)

  Also known as cervical syndrome, cervical osteoarthritis, proliferative cervical spondylitis, cervical nerve root syndromes, cervical disc herniation generic name, is a degenerative disease pathology based。Mainly due to the long-term strain the cervical spine, bone hyperplasia, or disc prolapse, ligament thickening, resulting in cervical spinal cord, nerve root or vertebral artery compression, there was a series of clinical dysfunction syndrome。
Showed vertebrae instability, loose; nucleus pulposus or prolapse; spur formation; ligament hypertrophy and secondary spinal stenosis, irritation or compression of adjacent nerve root, spinal cord, vertebral artery and cervical sympathetic nerve and other tissues, causing a series of symptoms and signs。
  It can be divided into: cervical syndrome, nerve root type cervical spondylosis, cervical myelopathy, cervical vertebral artery disease, sympathetic cervical spondylosis, cervical spondylosis oppression esophagus。
  Reasons for the formation (1) bad sleep posture, poor sleeping posture because of its long duration and the brain is at rest can not adjust, it will inevitably lead to imbalance paraspinal muscles, ligaments and joints。
  (2) improper working posture, a large number of statistical material shows that some small amount of work, the intensity is not high, but in a sitting position, especially the incidence of ultra-high bow workers, including domestic workers, embroidery workers, office personnel, typing scribe fitter on the instrument lines, etc.。
  (3) inappropriate physical exercise, regular exercise can help, but more than tolerance of the neck or sports activities, such as the human body such as the head and neck inverted or tumbling load support points, can increase the load on the cervical spine especially in the case of lack of proper guidance。
  ① how to correct bad posture。Reading in bed watching TV, sitting sleep pillow is too high and so are bad posture; ② cervical exercises。
Can be idle some of the slow flexion, extension, lateral bending and rotation motion about the neck portion; ③ method, the salt can be fried hot method or a thermal method towel。